Use Cases

Chart of Flocktracker projects

Below is listed, in chronological order, each project in which Flocktracker was deployed (from early builds on to more recent projects with the full tool). Metadata, including comments and research intent, are also listed for each project.

Project Place Research question Year Partner Approach Outputs
Cape town informal bus route quality survey Cape Town, South Africa What is the public satisfaction with informal transportation service? 2016 University of Cape Town Surveyors hired to survey people in buses to collect the information. Under development
Survey of public infrastructure Chennai, India What is the current state of infrastructure in Chennai? 2016 Civic Fulcrum Volunteers in the field collecting information about public infrastructure. Ongoing
Mapping public sanitation Surakarta, Indonesia Where is the public sanitation in Surakarta and what are its conditions? 2016 Kota Kita A simple survey was made to allow members of Kota Kita and volunteers to survey the locations of public sanitation in the city. ~600 places surveyed
Accessible retail Network  Malaga, Spain What is the perception of accessibility of users and owners in Malaga? 2016 Camara de Comercio de Málaga 3 types of surveys: urban furniture and commerce in the streets; disabled persons’ perceptions of accessibility in the downtown; retail owners specifications of accessibility within their stores. ~890  public urban elements surveyd
Transit-Oriented Development Mexico City, Mexico How people use the intermodal stations in Mexico City 2016 Grupo PRODI a survey to Multimodal Transport station users about their relation with the site ~35  surveys
Vegetation landscape perception Singapore What are public perceptions of landscaping greenery in Singapore? 2016 NUS – Department of Architecture In site survey  
Motorcycle taxi survey Jakarta, Indonesia What are public opinions on new app-based motorcycle taxi services in Jakarta? 2015 Technische Universität Berlin In-site surveying of users and drivers.  
Urban borders Mexico City Which is the topology of the urban barriers that can be found within  cities? 2015 Universidad Iberoamericana Architecture students visited 5 different large scale urban sites on the periphery of Mexico CIty and registred visible parameters of the streets and their on perception. ~2,350 urban typology surveys
Mapping gated communities Michoacan, Mexico What are the characteristics of gated communities entrances? 2015 Universidad MIguel HIdalgo Architecture student made on site visits to different gated communities and registred the visible characteristics of each site. ~68  urban surveys
Stated preference motorcycle ownership survey Surakarta, Indonesia What attributes might influence consumers’ willingness to choose electric- versus gasoline-powered motorcycles? 2015 Solo Kota Kita, University of Pennsylvania Asking people questions with randomized possible answers based on a full factorial design, representing variations in vehicle price, performance, operating costs.  
Warehouse retailer behavior survey Singapore, Santiago de Chile, Chile What are the surpply patterns for retailers? 2014 -2015 Universidad de Andres Bello On site survey of retailers.  
WalkTracker Singapore Is a better walkability audit possible by using smartphones and their sensors to gather data? 2015 – SUTD Geo-referenced walkability assessment of HDB development in Singapore.  
Social Housing Data Collection 12 cities through Mexico What are the living conditions and social housing settlements in Mexico? 2014 -2015 Fundación Hogares Household survey of living conditions at social (i.e., public) housing projects on outskirts of major urban centers. ~23,450 households surveyed and observed
NGOs impact in a District from Mexico City Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico What is the impact and knowledge of the work performed by NGOs in a district? 2015 Propedregales Surveying people from different profiles to measure impact and knowledge of the work performed by local NGOs. ~150 people surveyed
Transportation analysis of Mexico State Toluca, Mexico What are the occupancy rates of vehicles operating on two transport routes covering the same street segment? 2015 Secretaría de Movilidad, Estado de México Bus routes were traced while keeping track of the occupancy of the buses. ~1,256 people surveyed
Informal Commerce Index Mexico City, Mexico What is the impact of informal commerce on college’s urban environments in Mexico City? 2015 Planeación y Desarrollo, UNAM Observers collected specific data about the dynamics of informal commerce of a university. Gathering data of customers, products typology, and evaluating risks. ~160 informal commerce places observed
Public bus survey  Surakarta, Indonesia Who are the users of public transportation? 2014 Solo Kota Kita On board origin-destination survey. ~2036 people surveyed
Participatory design in public space Andalucia, Spain How to create an inclusive urban design through crowdsourced data collection? 2014 ACCART21 Survey of public space users on perceptions of conditions of space. ~40 people surveyed
Surveying gentrification Mexico City & Leipzig, Germany What are physical the main housing typology related to gentrification at the native towns in Mexico City? 2014 UNAM, Universidad Católica de Chile Household survey to collect key parameters to measure gentrification. ~613 houses observed
Analyzing elementary school´s surroundings Mexico City What are the specific elements that affect safety at school? 2014 Planeación y Desarrollo Mapping safe routes for women inside an informal development. Principals and students from their schools used the app combining tracker and surveyor. ~1,551 people surveyed
Safe walking routes for women Mexico City What are the main factors that determine security for women at informal settlements? 2014 Urban Planning -UNAM, ACCART Using tracker and surveyor to get specific elements of a route that directly or indirectly relates to women’s safety perceptions ~71 people surveyed
Bus route security St. Louis, Missouri How does perception of security change over the North-South extent of a bus route? 2014 MIT On-board survey of bus users’ security perceptions, matched with vehicle location and speed. ~236 people surveyed
Poverty assessment Mexico City What’s the distribution of poverty in informal developments? 2014 UNAM Household survey using poverty measurement tool (200+ questions with branching logic structure). ~130 households surveyed and their conditions observed
Safety perception on bus routes Mexico City How is safety perception related to the transportation routes of northern Mexico City? 2013 UTL, MISTI Mexico On-board survey of bus users’ security perceptions, matched with vehicle location and speed. ~1500 people surveyed
First Bus Map of Dhaka Dhaka, Bangladesh Can an informal bus map be created with smartphone data collection tools? 2013 Urban Launchpad, Kewkradong Deploy a volunteer team to track vehicles operating informal bus routes in the city.  

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