Flocktracker at IdeaStream

Friday, April 13th was a big day for Flocktracker at the IdeaStream conference. Daniel Palencia presented the problem of common practices in data collection today, how inefficient the common methods are, and explained how these ineffective data collection practices are still globally used.

Image Courtesy of Gretchen Ertl

He exhibited Flocktracker’s possible applications, from in-field data collection, community surveying, collecting transport information, to disaster response. The benefits of Flocktracker in these examples have already been tested and shown in our pilot project for mapping transit routes in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We witnessed an audience excited by our product and we are very proud of the commitment of everyone involved. It was an amazing experience for the whole Flocktracker team to present to a great group of market leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and other brilliant minds.

The event was nothing short of the extraordinary and we are fortunate to have made invaluable connections who believe in Flocktracker like we do. Below is our full presentation in the IdeaStream event: 

Video Courtesy of Gretchen Ertl

Flocktracker in a nutshell

From transit planning to disaster response, decisions based on faulty data waste money and endanger lives. Flocktracker provides an efficient 21st-century solution to enable organizations and individuals to be their own data scientists and become the drivers in data-driven decisions.

Flocktracker 2018