What are the system requirements for Flocktracker?

Flocktracker is available only for Android at the moment.

Flocktracker is designed to work on smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0.3 - Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

Some functions require specific features, the app will still work without them, but access to these functions will be hindered:

  • A back or front camera for the pictures
  • GPS sensor for location collection
  • Cellular internet access for live data collection and monitoring. Without constant internet connection the app can still collect data and the information will be uploaded when the device has access to the internet.

Common troubleshooting issues

  1. Adjust the time in your device
    • Check that time/date belong to the zone time u are performing the survey
  2. Improve location accuracy
    • Location Services
      • Turn on the location services in Settings > Location
    • Activate high accuracy mode
      • Settings>Location>Accuracy
    • Improve accuracy using external apps from playstore
      • GPS essentials
        • The app will show if your phone is calibrated or not
          • In case not calibrate it by spinning your phone in all it’s axis.