The Flocktracker app has five key functions:

  • Project Builder - Set up a new data collection project.
  • Data Collection - Select the project for which they want to collect data, conduct the data collection, and upload the collected data.
  • Data Visualization - Display data you’ve collected on a map, filter data points, and view all information collected on each point.
  • Exploration (forthcoming): Browse through other puiblic datasets and search by location or topic.
  • Export - Save data as a CSV file for analysis in your software. Access data through the Flocktracker API (forthcoming).

This manual contains all of the information you need to take advantage of Flocktracker’s capabilities. In the Concepts section, you’ll find an overview of the different tools and how they work together. In the Using Flocktracker section, you’ll find the technical details of how to use these tools.